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Ready Hour Butter Powder

204 servings
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Because we’re accustomed to having regular access to refrigeration, a long-term loss of power can send us into a panic.

Did you know that you can enjoy everyday essentials—like butter—without electricity?

Ready Hour Butter Powder is a staple for your supply. With it, you can cook, bake, and add flavor to your food—no refrigeration needed!

  • Tastes delicious! Use daily or save for a disaster.
  • Whips up quickly. Just add water!
  • Easy to mix with dry ingredients.
  • Adds 7,140 calories to your supply.
  • Lasts up to 10 years!*

FAST Flavor

Delivering the same rich and buttery flavor as a stick of butter, our Butter Powder tastes just like the real deal.

Better yet, you can whip it up in seconds! Simply combine a cup of our Butter Powder with a couple tablespoons of water. Mix it together and you’re ready for butter!

When baking, you can skip those steps completely! Our Butter Powder is easy to mix with dry ingredients.

An ESSENTIAL for Emergencies and Every Day

In addition to being a lifesaver during a disaster, our Butter Powder is the perfect plus-one for the kitchen cupboard!

A standard stick of butter softens and melts quickly, making a mess when left out for too long. Our Butter Powder is mess-free, easy to mix, and lasts much longer!

Spread it on toasted bread, use it to bake desserts, or mix it into your favorite meal for a kick of flavor. You can even take it along on your next trip for the benefits of butter without the melty mess!

Safe to Eat for 10 YEARS

Our Butter Powder doesn’t melt, won’t go bad when the power goes out, and provides a delicious taste even after being stored for 10 years!

Click Here to View Nutrition Information.

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