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Ready Hour 6-Month Emergency Food Supply

(2,000+ calories/day)
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This Ready Hour 6-Month Emergency Food Supply gives you 21 food varieties in thick, ultra-durable packaging for long-term emergencies. It will provide 2,000+ calories to 1 person for 180 days.

  • NO SKIMPING ON YOUR SURVIVAL – Meals provide 2,000+ calories per day on average for 360,080 total
  • DECADES-LONG SHELF LIFE – Meals can be stored for up to 25 years**
  • NO FOOD BOREDOM – 20+ flavorful food and drink varieties
  • HIGH-QUALITY PACKAGING – Meals packaged in resealable, heavy-duty 4-layer pouches with multiple oxygen absorbers
  • DISASTER-DURABLE BUCKETS – Pouches sealed in 12 rugged, water-resistant buckets built for long-term storage (weighing 241 pounds)
  • EASY TO STACK AND STORE – Stack the 12" x 8" x 15.5 " buckets to save space
  • HOMEGROWN – Made in the USA without MSG
The 6-Month Emergency Food Supply provides a single person with an average of over 2,000 calories per day for 180 days.

Remember, calories are crucial to survival! Other companies skimp on calories, which isn’t just wrong—it’s reckless. You won’t be satisfied with 1,500 calories, and 1,300 calories will leave you starving. Don’t settle for less than what your body needs, especially in an emergency.


When each person in your household has a 6-Month Emergency Food Supply, you’ll be prepared for:

  • Extended power loss, or power grid collapse
  • Devastating natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, and droughts
  • Breaks in the supply chain or famine
  • Hyperinflation and soaring food prices
  • Economic collapse, recessions, or depressions
  • Civil unrest or anarchy


Where do you start? Preparedness advisers recommend having months’ worth of food for every person in your emergency preparedness plan—which often extends beyond a single household to include adult children, grandchildren, friends, and neighbors.

Get double the recommended amount with our 6-Month Emergency Food Supply. Provide 2,000+ calories per day for 1 person for 180 days, 2 people for 90 days, or a family of 4 for up to 45 days. Regardless of the number of people you plan to feed with a single supply, you will feel more secure in your survival abilities over time.

Building a food supply for your home, cabin, shelter, or bunker is a journey. Little by little, your stockpile will grow to meet your preparedness goals. Our 6-Month Emergency Food Supply is a significant step toward total self-sufficiency!


With 21 delicious food varieties, you’ll never get bored with breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

(Click on the food names below to view their nutrition facts)

Good-as-Homemade Entrées

Mac & Cheese - 80 Servings

Creamy Stroganoff - 40 Servings

Homestyle Potato Soup - 40 Servings

Cheesy Broccoli & Rice Soup - 24 Servings

Mushroom Rice Pilaf - 80 Servings

Chili Mac - 64 Servings

Creamy Alfredo Pasta - 40 Servings

Spaghetti - 32 Servings

Quick-& Easy Side Dishes

Honey Wheat Bread Mix- 96 Servings

Creamy Chicken Flavored Rice- 80 Servings

Southwest Rice - 80 Servings

Long Grain White Rice- 200 Servings

Mashed Potatoes - 64 Servings

Hot-&-Hearty Breakfasts

Buttermilk Pancakes- 260 Servings

Maple Grove Oatmeal - 224 Servings

Strawberry Flavored Creamy Wheat - 32 Servings

Powdered Whey Milk - 64 Servings

Sweet Snacks & Desserts

Rice Pudding - 32 Servings

Banana Chips - 48 Servings

Chocolate Pudding- 40 Servings

PLUS Energy Drinks!

Orange Energy Drink Mix- 128 Servings



You don’t need to live in the heart of a hurricane zone or along an active fault line to be serious about emergency preparedness. If we’ve learned anything from both historical and recent events, crises come in all shapes and sizes—and they can come at any time, even overnight.

Whether you’re experiencing the effects of long-term illness, an accident, or job loss—or widespread threats like terrorist attacks, economic collapse, or an outbreak of disease—you can tackle what’s next in confidence with our survival food in stock.

No matter what your emergency may look like, you won’t have to worry about where you’ll be getting 2,000+ calories per day. And as far as your survival is concerned, there’s nothing more important than that.

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